Facility Updates

  1. As you know at the present time, the State of Connecticut, the Department of Public Health, has mandated that no family members, except for end of life or hospice care residents, be allowed to visit the facility. The Department of Public Health will notify the facility when these visitation restrictions can be lifted, until then, Notre Dame will continue to instituted these measures. During this pandemic, our facility’s goal is to reduce the risk of exposure of the Coronavirus for the residents in our care. The only way we can achieve this goal is to restrict visitation of family members, friends, volunteers, non-essential vendors, etc.. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Because of the “social distancing” mandate instituted, our Recreation Department is developing one-on-one programming with each resident within the facility. As part of this has initiative, the facility has developed SKYPE communication  capabilities. Those families interested in SKYPE communications with their family member should contact the Social Service Department at (jashley@ndhrehab.org) or the Recreation Department at (khinds@ndhrehab.org) of their interest to participate in this communication process. The facility is offering on each Tuesday between 10AM – 12Noon (or) 2:30PM – 4:30PM, and/or on each Thursday between 10:30AM – 12Noon (or) 2:30PM- 4:30PM availability to schedule SKYPE communication time with your family member. If the above times don’t work with your schedule, please still contact our facility so we can find a time which will accommodate your needs. This can be offered to family members on a regular basis. Please take advantage of this option.
  3. Our Web Site is currently being upgraded to include several NEW FEATURES under (COVID- 19- INFO) as follows:
    • NOTE: We hope that these NEW FEATURES will assist families to stay up to date with the COVID- 19 outbreak and the STATUS CHANGES in the facility.

4.  The facility no longer is offering “communal dining” and is strictly enforcing “social distancing” policy within the facility.

5.  All no medical appointments out of the facility will be scheduled, unless deemed medically necessary by our Medical Director.

6.  The facility also is asking family members from refraining from bringing items (i.e., food in containers, etc.) to the facility for your loved one at this time due to the long surface life of Coronavirus.

7.  We have implemented extraordinary infection control measures and procedures facility-wide which includes monitoring the temperatures of our staff members when they arrive for duty and inquiring about travel and whether they are experiencing any signs/symptoms related to the coronavirus.

8.  Notre Dame Health and Rehab Center continues to provide Pastoral Care Services as in the past. Please contact Sister Marie Lucie Monast at (SRMLMonast@ndch-sstv.com) with questions about these services being offered in the facility.